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FilaSorb™ Pixel Acoustic Panels

Pixel is a double-layer acoustic wall panel with repeating shapes cut into the front layer, resulting in a color contrasting geometric pattern.   Select from five geometric shapes (Circle, Triangle, Square, Right Triangle, Rectangle) cut into the front layer of our Pixel panels to reveal the secondary color behind. These panels add depth, texture, pattern, color, and sound absorption to your interior projects. Pair any two colors from the FilaSorb™ palette to create your unique Pixel design.


Application - Acoustic Wall Panels
Recycled content: 60% min recycled content
Material:   100% Polyester
NRC Rating:   .60
Dimensions:   1200x2780mm
Thickness:  24mm +/- 1mm
Application Method:  Glued, or use magnets for air-gap. 


.60 (min 'Noise Reduction Coefficient' rating)

Fire Rating

AS/ISO 9705.1, Group 1 
ASTM E84-17a, Class A
EN 13501-1: 2019, B-s1, d0 

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