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FilaSorb™ Acoustic Wall Panels 

The Acoufelt collection of FilaSorb™ full colour acoustic panels, are manufactured from premium felt that is 60% recycled content. Available in 12mm or 24mm,  this range provides a high quality acoustic solution. Offering NZ's largest selection of trending and modern tones, with outstanding acoustic performance, a smooth, soft surface and the ability to shape and cut to any nearly any design. 


Application - Walls, Ceilings
Recycled content: 60% min recycled content
Material:   100% Polyester
NRC Rating:   .45 - .85 (with 200mm airgap)
Dimensions:   1220x2800mm
Thickness:  12mm +/- 10%


.45 - .85 (subject to air-gap of 200mm )

Fire Rating

AS/ISO 9705.1, Group 1 
ASTM E84-17a, Class A
EN 13501-1: 2019, B-s1, d0 


Declare Certified - Red-list Free
Certified Indoor Air Quality

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